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Walking Downtown Louisville

First off, this post is more of a personal reflection piece than anything informative about the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Consider yourself warned.

Traveling single has been revelatory. The absence of my family, and particularly my spouse, has been sorely felt. It's amazing that I've made it to the comfort of my hotel room to write this post, because I've been as confused as a baptist coming up to the communion rail for the first time. It took me 4 times getting in and out of the elevator at the hotel before I realized I have to scan my room card to go up. Big city living is overwhelming for this Mississippi boy.

I'm thankful that I got to walk at a downtown pace this morning. The deputation is staying at the Galt House Hotel in the heart of downtown and a block away from the Kentucky International Convention Center, where General Convention will be held. The Galt House itself is quite impressive, with two towers cascading over the Ohio River and all the amenities you can imagine. It's also adjacent to Main Street, which boasts Bourbon Tours, museums, and sports arenas.

Walking up and down main street gave me a chance to get a sip of the Louisville experience, and a sip of a delicious $5 Old Fashioned at Bristol Bar & Grill. It was delicious and refreshing, and so much better priced than the inferior one I paid $24 for at the airport. Everything feels within reach, including the famous Louisville Slugger museum a few blocks away, an awesome Science museum with a trippy mirror, and the home of the Louisville Cardinals.

Tonight, I will join Bishop Seage and some other deputies to enjoy Hammerheads, as suggested by our resident Kentucky expert in the Diocese of MS, Rev. Charles Hawkins, Rector of St. John's, Ocean Springs.

Again, I'm thankful for the time I have to explore before the real business of Gen Con begins. As leaders in the church, we are privileged to have the resources and opportunities to enjoy big city living for a minute before we get down to business.

Cheers, y'all!


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