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Anne Smith Elementary Partnership

This ministry exists to support the partnership between St. Columb’s church and Anne Smith Elementary Public School in Ridgeland, MS. Ministries include a school supply drive at the beginning of the year and resources for a picnic at the close of the school year.

Ministry Leader – Cathy Halford, Rebecca Grant

Clergy Discretionary 

Each Episcopal Church has a Clergy Discretionary account which allows the clergy to support "the poor and needy." This account is established by the Canons of the Church which allow the clergy to offer support for those in need. If you or someone you know is in need of limited financial support, please contact the Parish Office at and ask for more information about the Clergy Discretionary Account. 

Ministry Leader - Rev. CJ Meaders

IONA House 

IONA house is an ongoing outreach ministry of St. Columb’s meets weekly on Thursdays and Fridays to prepare and distribute groceries for those in need. Each week, about 20 volunteers gather to collect, bag, and distribute groceries for around 140 families. Learn more about IONA House here. 

Ministry Leader & IONA House President - Cy Tandy

Outreach Committee

This committee meets to survey the various ministries associated with membership at St. Columb’s to assess the needs of each ministry, evaluate the effectiveness of each ministry, suggest changes to each ministry, and recommend the creation of new ministries or the suspending of ineffective ministries.

Committee Chair - Tim McIntyre

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide outreach ministry which is locally supported by Jackson area Episcopal Churches such as St. Columb’s, St. James, St. Andrews, and St. Philips.  Each church sends volunteers to help with building and hosts a drawdown to raise funds for new builds. 

Ministry Leader – Bethany Culley

Honduras Medical Mission

St. Columb’s hosted the Honduras Medical Mission for 2023 and 2024. This means we administrated the mission, coordinated fundraisers throughout the Diocese of MS, and host our own fundraising events. Participants in this ministry would help with the coordination and administration of the mission.
Ministry Leader - Rev. Cathy Halford

Shower Power 

Shower Power is an outreach ministry in Jackson, MS, which is independently run. St. Columb’s sends volunteers to help with activities and distribution of resources during SP events.  Ministry Leader - Betty Jo Mahaffey

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