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Episcopal acolytes are boys and girls who assist with services in the Episcopal church. The word acolyte is derived from the word akolouthos, which is the ancient Greek word for an attendant or helper. Acolyte duties include helping with candle lighting, processions and offertory, but the most important duty of an Episcopalian acolyte is to be an attentive worshipper and leader during church services. At St. Columb’s, all boys and girls 9 –18 years old are invited to serve as an acolyte. Please contact the church office if your child is interested.

Altar Guild

At St. Columb’s, the Altar Guild is an integral part of the life of the parish. The members of the Altar Guild serve the church under the direction of the priest, and are responsible for setting up and caring for the furnishings in the nave, sanctuary, chapel, and sacristy, as well as any other area of the church where special worship will take place.

The Altar Guild is responsible for tasks such as:

  • Preparing the altar.

  • Laying out the vestments and vessels for worship.

  • Setting the credence table with the elements (bread and wine) to be administered during communion.

  • Ordering and arranging the flowers for weekly Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter and special events.

  • Laundering and ironing altar and worship linens, polishing brass and silver, filling candles and various other tasks.

  • Ensuring the altar is prepared in the proper color of the day (frontal hanging, burse, etc.).

  • Cleaning up after services.

We encourage participation in this important ministry and we welcome men and women to join one of our Altar Guild "teams". All are welcome.


St. Columbs' Choir is composed of volunteer parishioners who share their talents to the glory of God. Led by an incredible vocal teacher, Chrissy Hrivnak, the St. Columb's choir is truly an exceptional parish choir. The choir rehearses each Monday evening at 6PM and at 9:30 AM on Sundays before the service. 

Ministry Leader - Chrissy Hrivnak 

Funeral Hospital Teams 

These teams work to provide hospitality to families who have recently lost a loved one and wish to have the funeral at St. Columb’s. In the past, teams have prepared a meal and reception for the family after the service itself.

Ministry Leader - Emily Williams

Children's Chapel

Children’s Chapel is the worship and educational experience provided for children ages 3-9 during the principle Sunday service at 10:30AM.  We are looking for teachers and assistants to help facilitate Children’s chapel each Sunday. 

Ministry Leader: Amy Amundson

Epistle Readers

Epistle readers read the Epistle during the principle service of worship on Sunday mornings. This ministry requires minimal training with the clergy, provided in-house at St. Columb’s.

Ministry Leader - Rev. CJ Meaders

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

LEMs assist the clergy in the administration of communion and fill in for other liturgical roles as needed. This ministry requires training and Diocesan certification, which St. Columb’s provides in house.

Ministry Leader - Gordon Stewart

Lay Worship Leaders

LWLs are trained and certified by the Diocese to lead the parish in Morning Prayer or other services in the absence of clergy to provide communion. LWLs also assist the clergy in coordinating Liturgical Servers.

Ministry Leader - Rev. CJ Meaders

Livestream Techs

Participants help run the livestream for the principle Sunday morning service and other special services as able.

Ministry Leader - Chris Brady


Ushers assist the clergy and liturgical servers in coordinate the principle Sunday service, including the responsibilities of distributing bulletins, counting attendance, and assisting with other logistics of the service.

Ministry Leader - Tim McIntyre


The wedding committee will work with the St. Columb’s Parish Wedding Coordinator to provide to maintain the parish wedding guidelines and assist with logistical needs for parish weddings.

Parish Wedding Coordinator - Elizabeth Ducote 

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