The Rt. Rev. Brian R Seage, Bishop

The Rev. C.J. Meaders,  Rector
The Rev. Cathy Halford, Deacon
Wardens:  Tom Williams - Sr. Warden, Arrington Widemire – Jr. Warden
Vestry:  Andre Ducote, Matthew Guinn, Debbie Hartzog, Tim McIntyre,
Bruce McKinley, Donna Nigro, Elise Stewart, Sharon Stewart, Holly Widemire,
David Jackson (Treasurer), Sarah Shelby (Clerk)
Staff:  Judy Barnes – Interim Parish Administrator, Carleen Hicks – Sexton,
Edward Dacus – Organist / Choir Director

Tuesday, June 2


Good people of St. Columb’s,


The Grace and Peace of the Lord be upon you and with you this day, because I know we all need it! We’ve been through a lot in the past few months and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon. Yet… through all the difficulty and noise there is a message that has emerged and I’m hearing loud and clear… many of you are ready to come back to church. You need your church. You are ready to worship. 


In fact, according to our parish survey, nearly 60 percent of you say you are ready and the overwhelming majority of you are ready to do what it takes to gather as safely as possible and create a new normal. Many of you are also not ready to return, which is understandable as well. 


So, today, I’m announcing we will return to church on June 13 and 14 with 4 services, pending the approval of our plans to by the Diocese. Waiting one more week will give us time to finalize our plans for worship, recruit volunteers to help setup and clean up for services, and continue to monitor the spread of the virus in our community.


So how’s this going to work? Well, let me walk you through some of what will be our new normal. 


First the scheduling of services themselves


Our Saturday evening 5pm service, our Sunday morning 8:00 A.M. service, our 10:30 A.M. service, and an outdoor Evening Prayer service 6PM.


At this time will not resume the Monday Morning Prayer or Wednesday Noon service. And at this time worship will be our sole offering before we phase back in other programs. 


During the services:


  • We will limit services to 50 people max according to the guidelines set out by our Governor. 

  • We will ask all who attend to sign up online or through the church office (which is open M-F from 9 am to 3pm)

  • We will ask you to social distance, maintaining 6ft of separation between others who are not a member of your household. 

  • We will ask you to wear a mask 

  • We will continue to livestream the service

  • We will ask you to work with us as new practices may need to be put in place


In general, you can expect your experience of church to feel… well… different. What won’t be different will be our desire to be in the presence of God as God’s gathered people. 


And finally, I want to say a word about advising those who are 65 or older and those who have identified risks to stay home. This is advice and not a requirement. You will be able to come to church if you choose and no-one will turn you away. As a church committed to the safety and protection of its people, we just need to offer an extra level of precaution. 


Because here’s what we all know: the reality is that the risk remains, and things are not returning to normal. We also know that being indoors with a number of people over an extended period of time increases the risk. There is a reason movie theaters haven’t opened yet. So, we are doing everything we can to bring church back to those who are ready while reducing the risk in every way we can. 


Let me close by saying again, to anyone who is not ready to return, we understand and support your decision and render absolutely no judgement. We hope you will continue to connect with us on the livestream. 


And I ask for your prayers for our church, for its leadership, and for a safe return to public worship. 


Thanks for taking the time to hear this message. Love y’all. 



Gage Gourley
Kaitlyn George
Maddie Howell
Georgia Ishee
Brady Parker
Sydney Shoemaker
Sara Stone
Annie Thomas
Abbey Temple
Isaac Watts
Miller Widemire
Charlie Young


The Dine' (the people) on the Navajo Reservation are in dire straits, as are many other Natives, because of COVID-19. Gallup, NM, is locked down tight because 30% of the confirmed cases in NM are in that county. That town is on the edge of the Reservation and is where many people go to get food and other supplies. (I went there frequently.) Truckloads of food have been brought to Good Shepherd Mission in Ft. Defiance, AZ, by the Diocese of the Rio Grande to be delivered to those who are spread out over many miles, those without electricity and water, those without a way to get to one of the few medical facilities. Doctors Without Borders is now out there to help decrease the spread of the virus.

Two requests:
1) If any of you are making masks, would you consider giving them to our Navajo brothers and sisters? If so, let me know and I can meet you at the church office. I will send them out to Good Shepherd which, as you know, is on the Reservation.   

 2) If you would like to make a donation (any amount goes a long way), the address is Good Shepherd Mission, P. O. 618, 

Ft. Defiance, AZ  86504.  Make check to Episcopal Church in Navajoland with Donation on memo line.  

Thank you again for your generosity. Let's please share with those who are in need.

The Rev. Deacon Cathy Halford
St. Columb's Episcopal Church
550 Sunnybrook Road
Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157

Episcopal Relief & Development  
Diocesan Ministry Partners







Our mission at the Iona House continues as the numbers of those in need continue to be higher than normal. Thank you to Robert Mahaffey for coming out Saturday and helping us make changes to the facility that will help our distribution process.  


Your help is always appreciated.  Financial donations to the Iona House are needed (check made out to Iona and sent to church, please). We are also asking that you like and share the new Iona House Facebook page. We have found that many of our friends outside of St. Columb's are looking for ways to help their community and have donated. Join Kroger Rewards and Amazon Smile. And right now, we are asking for donations of canned vegetables.
Thank you. We could not do this without you.
The Iona House Team


One of our parishioners has been in contact with medical professionals who are interested in receiving face mask shields made from home. She wanted to share her ministry with us so that we can join in as a parish to supply this vital need. Here are her simple instructions:

  - 2 liter soda bottle 
  - Scissors 
  - Ruler 
  - Tape (electrical, duct) 
  - T-shirt cut into strips, shoe laces, etc 
  - Stapler 

  - Cut around the top of the bottle and the bottom of the bottle so that you have a 
    7 inch long mid section (you can throw the top and bottom away) 
  - Make a vertical cut up the mid section 
  - Cut the mid section so that it is 11" wide (around) by 7" long 
  - Cover the edges of the face guard with tape so that it will not cut or scratch
  - At the top corners attach Tshirt strips or shoe laces or something to tie the 
    guard onto the head - use the stapler 
  - At the bottom corners I cut the corners off at a slight angle, re-taped the edge
    so the guard would fit better 
  - Done!!

Please email the church at if you would like help and want more information.


For our Parishioners: Deanie Mills, Floyd King, Megan Mink, Heidi Smith, Bob May

For our Family Members: Dina Boucher, Trisha Huddox, Edith Avenmarg, Jane Campbell, 

For our Friends and those in our Community: Brandon Burns, Warren Strain, Maggie, Eddie Monsour, Henry Lewis, Al Thomas, Emile Craig, Terry Taylor, Gerald Carter, Betty Langley, Sunny Worthy

For the Faithfully Departed: George Floyd, and all who have died from COVID-19. 

The college students:  Emma, Emily, Delaney, Lake, Grace, Caley, Haley, Charles, Luke, Noah, Alan, Zachary, Britain, Raegan, Connor

The vestry, officers, and wardens of St. Columb’s: Tom, Andre, Matthew, Debbie, David, Arrington, Bruce, Donna, Elise, Holly, Tim, Sharon and Sarah.

Those serving in our armed forces: Suzanne, Nicholas, Preston, David, Matthew Paul, Andrew, Chase, Beau, Casey, Matthew, Marc, Sarah, Patrick, Gus, James, Josh, Justin, Tad

For our clergy: our presiding bishop, Michael, our bishop, Brian, our rector, CJ, our deacon, Cathy.

Please contact Holly Widemire at or the church email at for any announcements to be included in the Cantor by Tuesday no later than 10:00 am.
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