The Rt. Rev. Brian R Seage, Bishop

The Rev. C.J. Meaders,  Rector
The Rev. Cathy Halford, Deacon
Wardens:  Tom Williams - Sr. Warden, Arrington Widemire – Jr. Warden
Vestry:  Andre Ducote, Matthew Guinn, Debbie Hartzog, Tim McIntyre,
Bruce McKinley, Donna Nigro, Elise Stewart, Sharon Stewart, Holly Widemire,
David Jackson (Treasurer), Sarah Shelby (Clerk)
Staff:  Andrea Tyre – Parish Administrator, Carleen Hicks – Sexton,
Gus Schreiber – Interim Organist / Choir Director





**You may also call the church office to reserve your space for services.**  601-853-0205

Tuesday, January 12




Good people of St. Columb's,

It's January, so that means it's time for the church to conduct its business as we prepare for the year to come. That's right, Annual Parish meeting is here, and we are working to prepare reports on ministry in 2020, present a budget for 2021, and elect 3 new vestry members from a slate of six. 

As you might expect, this year's meeting will be a different. The canons say that it must take place in the church with some members present, and they do allow for other members to be virtually present. Therefore, we are working to make the meeting accessible to as many people as possible and make the voting easy for everyone. 

Below, you will see our list of nominees for vestry. I am happy to report that we've had six wonderful candidates accept their nomination, and no matter who gets voted in, the future of our vestry is in good hands. I want to thank each one of them for stepping up and saying yes to leadership in our parish. It is the sign of a healthy parish when its people are eager to take part in leadership. 

Please join me in prayer for each of these nominees and for the Holy Spirit to guide our parish in the year to come. 















I was born and raised in the Episcopal church, but it wasn’t until we attended St. Columb’s, when I was in middle school, that I ever felt truly a part of a church family. Whether it was serving as an acolyte, being part of an amazing EYC program, or just being around incredible people who showed love, kindness and passion for God, that established my love for this church. I am ready to continue the great tradition of prayer and fellowship that St. Columb’s is greatly known for.

I attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where I met my wife Dalen Grant. Our union blossomed into the fun loving (and crazy) family we have today, along with our son, two daughters, two dogs, and partridge in a pear tree. I am currently a manager for Doors by Design, where we sell, professionally finish and install custom wood and iron doors. I spend my leisure time keeping up with my kids, exercising, coin collecting and writing.

I am humbled and truly honored to be nominated for the opportunity to serve on this Vestry, at a place that I have called home. Although I have not been as actively involved as I was in my youth, I am ready and anxious to take the plunge into this new form of fellowship and ministry and bring fresh insight and energy to aid in the growth of this beautiful church for years to come.



I’m a proud third generation member of St. Columb’s.  This place is my church home and family.  St. Columb’s has been here for my family through countless celebrations as well as many tribulations.  If given the opportunity, I would be honored to serve as a member of St. Columb’s vestry.

I have served on the vestry once before during our Capital Campaign.  In the past, I have volunteered many hours to VBS and the Drawdown, even co-chairing both events.  I have served as a Sunday School teacher and was the EYC sponsor for a few years.  My husband and I are avid supporters of IONA House.

I graduated from Ole Miss where I met my wonderful husband John.  We now have two children, Raegan (20) and Gage (18), attending there😊 Hotty Toddy!  I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with them both.  As a recent empty nester, I have taken a very part-time job working for a psychiatrist, and hope to travel more with John when things return to “normal”.

Thanks so much for your consideration.

Christ’s Peace,
Robin Gourley  














I was raised in Brandon and have lived in the Jackson area for most of my life. My husband, Eric, and I met while we were students at the University of Southern Mississippi. We have been married for 25 years and we have two sons. Jack is 22 and a junior at Ole Miss, and Ryan is 17 and a senior at St. Joseph High School in Madison. I have worked as an R.N. for Kindred Hospice for the last 10 years. I love my job because I feel God’s powerful presence on a daily basis.

I was raised in the Catholic Church but found St. Columb’s in 2013 when we were seeking a new church home. Bishop Brian Seage was then our neighbor and the rector of St. Columb’s, so we decided to attend a service and were immediately drawn to the joy and giving spirit of this church’s members. I was received into the Episcopal Church in 2018.  My current and past church involvement includes serving as an EYC Shepherd, Vacation Bible School, volunteering for Iona House on Friday mornings, serving on the Search Committee (CJ Meaders), and helping in the kitchen for many events. 

Moving forward away from this pandemic, I would love to see our church add new members and reach out even further into our community to serve others. I would be honored to serve on the Vestry.















St Columbs has been my home for close to ten years.  I love  the people , the building, events , ministry and community outreach. I have been on a few tablescapes groups and fundraising committees.
Mike and I have been married a little over a year and have 5 mostly grown children between us.  2020 was the year we planned to get more involved and Covid snuffed a lot of that out. Hopefully we will get back to normal soon and can gather together. 

I am a lifelong Madison County gal and have been in the Real Estate business for 33 years preceded by my parents and grandparents. I attended Northeast Louisiana University (now called the University of Louisiana at Monroe) in the mid 80's with a BBA in Marketing. Our activities including shooting, kayaking and hiking.  We absolutely love being outdoors! 













I have been at St. Columb’s since I was Baptized by Father Moyer in 1976.  I have been married to Caroline for over 21 years and we have two sons; Conner, 20 – a sophomore at the University of Mississippi and Cooper, 16 – a junior at Madison Central.  We have lived in Madison since returning from Houston, Texas in 2007.   

I am a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations and have previously worked for the U.S. Customs Service, U.S. Secret Service, and the State of Mississippi.  I have served in law enforcement for over 28 years. 

I have previously assisted with the Acolyte Program; served as an usher; co-chaired the St. Columb’s Drawdown; and served on the Christian Education Committee.  I enjoy reading (usually non-fiction) and am particularly fond of Southern Noir.  I am currently enjoying the first year of Education for Ministry (EfM) through St. Columb’s.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching St. Columb’s recent growth and look forward to continued increases in membership, fellowship and outreach.  

To be nominated for the Vestry of St. Columb’s is an honor.  Other churches we have visited throughout the years have always fallen short of the high expectations I have because of the people here.   
















My journey with St. Columb’s began when I was a teenager. My mother began attending when she was invited my her best friend and I followed along. I loved how close the youth group was and how they had all grown up together in this church. When I moved away, I got away from attending church regularly. When I found out I was going to have a little girl I knew that I wanted her to grow up in this church. We are both surrounded by love and support and she has so many friends she will grow up with. Everyone in this church is warm and inviting and makes you feel at home.

For the past few years, I have served as a Sunday School teacher. I received my Accounting degree  from Mississippi College and currently serve as Treasurer on the ECW board. In recent years I became a member of the Daughters of the King and it has been a wonderful experience. 

I met my husband, Adam Minninger, here and now that little girl, Reiley, is 8 years old. We all enjoy getting involved with church events and hope we can begin to attend church services regularly and back to enjoying everyone's company. 
I am honored to be nominated for Vestry and will work with everyone to do what is best for our church.



Many people who need to stay at home have someone who buys their groceries or take them to appointments. However, once in a while that special someone is not able to help.  If you are willing to be a special someone, please call the office or me so we can put your name on the list.  

Now, many of those same people are needing to go to get their COVID vaccine.   As we are finding out, that location may not be around the corner but several counties away.  

This ministry has been started again not just because of COVID but because of many other reasons that people may not be able to leave the house.  I hope that this ministry will continue into the future


Thank you

















HOLY TALK: Discussing today's issues with Christ in mind

Virtual Christian Ed classes are back at 10:30 AM on Wednesdays, or to view anytime after on your schedule. For this class, we will try to provide a safe space for holy conversations about tense issues. We believe the church can be an example of how people with different views can still engage in productive, prayerful conversation. 

In our first class, we will make a covenant for respectful dialogue, choose some issues for discussion, and introduce some of the reading we will be doing. The class will be led by Rev. CJ Meaders. 

Please join in! 



We are adding bread to our weekly distributions of food and need help. If you own a pickup truck or large SUV and willing to pick up 140 loaves of bread at the Madison Kroger on Thursday mornings at 8:30 and deliver to IONA Houseplease contact Rusty Ferguson. Kroger employees will assist loading the bread and we will assist unloading at IONA House. 

Thank you from the IONA House Team!


CENTERING PRAYER will be meeting on Tuesdays at noon through Zoom. Kris will be emailing the link on Monday.  For more information, please contact Kris Mink

TALKING ABOUT GRIEF “Talking about grief” is not meeting at church presently but if you need a listener you may call Kate Largel or Gus Schreiber. 

If you have a monthly auto draft through REALM and need to update it for the new year, please log in to your account and make the appropriate changes under the GIVING tab on your profile.  If you have any questions please email or call the office.

We are moving some of our on-going sign ups online. If you would like to sign up to donate altar flowers with special intentions or if you have someone to add to the prayer list, please sign up online or contact the church office.


Altar Guild: Magruder, McKinley, Rahaim
Lay Eucharistic Visitation: Gus and Sherri Schreiber
LEM:  Arrington Widemire

First Reading: 1Samuel 3:1-10(11-20)
Psalm: Psalm 139:1-5, 12-17
Epistle: 1 Corinthians 6:12-20
Gospel: John 1:43-51

For our Parishioners:  Floyd King, Peggy Wilkinson, Floyd Sulser, Billy Boykin, Tom Hardy, Bill Walker, Anne Derryberry, Bernard Tucker, Jolyne Shirley, Dr. Karl Hatten Sr., Glynn & Eugenie Bradshaw, Cheryl Marbury, Robert Mahaffey, John Gourley,Tom Willard, Dick Largel, Bob and Joy May, Tommy Pegg, Gigi Buck, Kaitlyn George

For our Family Members: Trisha Huddox, Edith Avenmarg, Jane Campbell, Burnice Jones & family, Sharon Duckworth, Rhonda Earhart, Polly Killough,Patsy Little, Audrey Hardin, Paula Williams, Lonnie Edgar,  Mary Lou Jernigan, Alissa Lilly, Jon, Richard Largel, John Grant, Marty Miller

For our Friends and those in our Community: Heidi Smith, Eddie Monsour, Henry Lewis, Al Thomas,Terry Taylor, Gerald Carter, Betty Langley, Eddie Booty, Robbie Buckhalter, Pat, John Hardy, Annie Trotter, Laurie Smith, Floyd Van Deburgh Family, Bill Gresham, Bill Luckett, Brantley Funchess, Brantley Funchess Jr., Kevin Bass, and all those recovering from COVID-19

For the Faithfully Departed:  Gov. William Winter, Greg Knecht, Phil Barnes, Jane Magee,  and all those who have died from COVID-19

The college students:  Emma, Emily, Delaney, Lake, Grace, Caley, Haley, Charles, Luke, Noah, Alan, Zachary, Britain, Raegan, Connor, Miller, Maddie, Sydney, Gage, Georgia, Isaac

The vestry, officers, and wardens of St. Columb’s: Tom, Andre, Matthew, Debbie, David, Arrington, Bruce, Donna, Elise, Holly, Tim, Sharon and Sarah.

Those serving in our armed forces: Suzanne, Nicholas, Preston, David, Matthew Paul, Andrew, Chase, Beau, Casey, Matthew, Marc, Sarah, Patrick, Gus, James, Josh, Justin, Tad
For our clergy: our presiding bishop, Michael, our bishop, Brian, our rector, CJ, our deacon, Cathy.

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