The Rt. Rev. Brian R Seage, Bishop

The Rev. C.J. Meaders,  Rector
The Rev. Cathy Halford, Deacon
Wardens:  Tom Williams - Sr. Warden, Arrington Widemire – Jr. Warden
Vestry:  Andre Ducote, Matthew Guinn, Debbie Hartzog, Tim McIntyre,
Bruce McKinley, Donna Nigro, Elise Stewart, Sharon Stewart, Holly Widemire,
David Jackson (Treasurer), Sarah Shelby (Clerk)
Staff:  Judy Barnes – Interim Parish Administrator, Carleen Hicks – Sexton,
Edward Dacus – Organist / Choir Director

Tuesday, March 24



Most of us have been at home these past two weeks possibly more than any other time in our lives. At my house, we began home school this week which has been an adjustment for the whole family. Across the globe, people are scheduling social events online, and here at the church, we are doing our best to stay safe while remaining connected. St. Columbites have been creative in the way they carry out this "distant" ministry. I've heard of a few of y'all driving up to folks houses, honking the horn, and waving and shouting blessings (and who knows what else) from the car. Drive by ministry. Super cool. 

As we all make the adjustment to increased life at home, we have a great opportunity to be intentional and spiritual about it. This is a great opportunity to develop a daily rhythm of prayer or as the monastics call it, a "Rule of Life." Many families at home are building a new schedule for the day, and so why not add daily prayers to that schedule? 

Here at the church, we want to help you maintain your at-home prayer life. Today we are announcing a home ministry that will keep us engaged. It's called the...

Holy House Challenge - Each week we will announce a "challenge" or activity for you to participate in online through Realm or Facebook. These challenges will help us learn about the holiness of your home. You can take part in the challenge on Realm or Facebook. 

Our first online challenge is for you to share a picture of a "sacred space" at your home. This could be a garden, a man cave, or really any place where you can heavenly rest. Once you've got a pic, please share it to Realm by posting to the "St. Columb's Parishioners" group, sharing over Facebook, or sending your picture to the office 

May God bless you as you stay sheltered in the refuge of your home, and may we together find the spiritual resources we need to remain faithful.


Even though we can't see you face to face, our Lay Eucharist Ministers will continue to check in on those who, in normal times, are not able to join us at church by telephone, cards, and email.  If there is anyone who you would like to add to our list, please get in touch with CJ and/or me.   Also, I am working on a phone tree which I was told existed a while back.  Hopefully, this will be up and going this week so St. Columb's will be connected to all of its parishioners at all times.  God Bless. Stay safe and healthy.  Cathy


Last week we launched our new online community known as Realm. Realm is a website that creates a profile for individuals and families from the church. It gives our the community the chance communicate "in house" and share things like photos, events, files, and updates. 

Realm invites were sent last Wednesday. If you did not receive an invite or you've had trouble logging in, please let us know at 

Tomorrow we will add those on our current directory to the Realm online directory. YOU MAY RECEIVE AN EMAIL TOMORROW SAYING YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS HAVE BEEN CHANGED. If you do not wish to be on the directory, let us know. 

We will send another round of Realm invites by the end of the week. Look for all the Realm info in your email.

For more information on Realm, please use this link. 

Plastic grocery bags are needed. Please drop them off in the basket outside of the parish hall or outside of the church office.We are collecting Mac and Cheese (6-7 oz boxes) during March. Please place them in the basket outside of the church office. Volunteers are needed on Thursdays from 9:00 - 10:00 stocking shelves, preparing bags of food, cleaning and on Fridays from 8:30 - 12:00 for food distribution. For more information contact Cy Tandy at 240-320-4324. You can support IONA House by registering for the KROGER Community Rewards program at Earn money for IONA House when you use your Kroger loyalty card. Additionally, you can use Amazonsmile. When registering go to and enter Isle of Outreach for Neighborhood Assistance Inc.


Tales from the Wilderness: Lenten Bible Study
Wednesdays at 10:30 A.M. 

One way to journey through Lent at St. Columb’s will be in study of God’s word. Each Wednesday morning in Lent, we will meet to read “Tales of Wilderness,” or stories from Scripture which contain human struggles and the dark night of the soul. Our study will include readings from Scripture, presentations on those readings, and time for interpretation and reflection. Here is a schedule of the tales we’ll encounter:

March 11: The Conquest of Canaan
March 18: Jonah and the Great Fish
March 25: Job and the Whirlwind 
April 1: The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness

Finding the Path: Small Group Parish Meetings
Wednesdays in Lent at 5 P.M.
Sign Up Here! 

During Lent, the rector and vestry invite you to be a part of a holy conversation about the future of our parish. We want to hear what you love about St. Columb’s, what you think we could do better, and where you see God leading us in this new decade. We believe that hearing your input will help us cast a vision which reflects the hopes and dreams of the parish as a whole. 

Please sign up to take part in the conversation. Similar to our “meet and greet” sessions, these gatherings will be in small groups of no more than 12 people and will include the rector and two members of the vestry. Each session will take place in the church library, and our time will end by joining the rest of the parish for a Lenten Wednesday night dinner, followed by Evening Prayer. Please sign up for only one slot so we can ensure everyone who wishes to be a part of the conversation can be. We look forward to our conversations!

Inquirer's Confirmation Class
Sundays at 9:15 A.M. 
Sign Up for Confirmation Class Here

Inquirer’s Classes for Confirmation will be held on Sunday mornings in Lent at 9:15 during our Sunday school hour. The class will be open to the parish and is required for anyone 14 or older who wishes to be confirmed in the Episcopal church. Confirmation is a sacramental rite in the church in which an individual professes a mature Christian faith. It is performed by a Bishop in the diocese. Confirmation is also the final step of membership in the Episcopal church. Bishop Seage will be with us to confirm our parishioners on August 9, 2020.

Order from:

Once your form(s) have been completed online, please remit a check in the appropriate amount to the church [memo St Francis Garden brick(s)] either via the alms basin at services or by mail. Each brick ordered is currently $55.00.

We try to order on a quarterly basis, but must have at least 5 bricks to avoid a surcharge. As soon as we have sufficient bricks to complete a square, we will arrange for installation. Deadline to order this quarter is Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. Another deadline will be set for more orders later.

For our Parishioners: Bob May, Deanie Mills, Floyd King, Megan Mink, Heidi Smith, Donna Nigro
For our Family Members: Dina Boucher, Trisha Huddox, Edith Avenmarg, Jane Campbell, Burnice
For our Friends and those in our Community: Warren Strain, Maggie, Jean & Bob Walters, Nelda Wood, Eddie Monsour
For the Faithfully Departed: Twyla Lancaster, Robert Mize
The college students:  Emma, Emily, Delaney, Lake, Grace, Caley, Haley, Charles, Luke, Noah, Alan, Zachary, Britain, Raegan, Connor
The vestry, officers, and wardens of St. Columb’s: Tom, Andre, Matthew, Debbie, David, Arrington, Bruce, Donna, Elise, Holly, Tim, Sharon and Sarah.
Those serving in our armed forces: Suzanne, Nicholas, Preston, David, Matthew Paul, Andrew, Chase, Beau, Casey, Matthew, Marc, Sarah, Patrick, Gus, James, Josh, Justin, Tad
For our clergy: our presiding bishop, Michael, our bishop, Brian, our rector, CJ, our deacon, Cathy.
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ALTAR SERVERS (None while public services are in suspension)
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Please contact Holly Widemire at or the church email at for any announcements to be included in the Cantor by Tuesday no later than 10:00 am.
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