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Pastoral Care Ministries

St. Columb's has a number of pastoral care ministries focused on serving and nurturing the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the parish. The ministry of pastoral care aims to support individuals and families in times of joy, sadness, illness, and bereavement. Pastoral care also provides an opportunity for spiritual growth and development, helping us deepen our faith and relationship with God. It is a vital aspect of our mission to walk in love and to create a safe and inclusive space where all are welcomed, valued, and supported.

Please contact the parish office at for questions about our Pastoral Care ministries.

Birthday Cards

Participants in this ministry coordinate the sending of birthday cards to all members of St. Columb’s on the week of their birthday. 

Ministry Leaders - Gloria Mitchell, Emily George, CeCe Whitehurst 

Flowers to Parishioners

Each week the Altar Guild separates flowers from the altar arrangement and places them into smaller vases to be taken to parishioners on our prayer list, local business, and those who are unable to make it to our service. 

Ministry Leader needed

Grief Group 

The purpose of this pastoral group is to meet and discuss issues of grief for those who have lost loved ones and would benefit from processing their grief with others. 

Ministry Leader - Gus Schreiber 

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs)

LEV’s take communion to those who are unable to attend in-person services. They also assist the clergy in maintaining an active list of pastoral needs in the parish. This ministry requires training and Diocesan certification, which St. Columb’s provides in house.

Ministry Leader - Rev. Cathy Halford

Meals to Parishioners

As the pastoral need arises, this team of volunteers takes preps meals and takes them to the homes of the parishioner(s) in need.

Ministry Leader - Rebecca Grant

Prayer Shawls

Participants in this ministry create shawls to offer solace and comfort to those in pastoral need. The shawls contain prayers of support and encouragement, and are blessed by the clergy before being distributed. 

Ministry Leader- Mary Margaret Woodrick

Pastoral Care Committee

This committee meets to survey the various ministries associated with pastoral care at St. Columb’s to assess the needs of each ministry, evaluate the effectiveness of each ministry, suggest changes to each ministry, and recommend the creation of new ministries or the suspending of ineffective ministries. 

Committee Chair - Rev. Cathy Halford 

Vestry Shepherd - Mariella Doyle 

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